Motorcyle Repair Problems solved

The motorbike storage gods know the place all of us reside.

They’re watching us, alright.
And so they like nothing higher than an excellent chuckle.

What a disgrace that we’re their favourite joke!

Head out to the storage to do some motorbike upkeep, and you’ll hear them chuckling already.

You could suppose that your motorbike restore job gained’t take lengthy.
It’s only a fast repair you’ll take care of, after which go for a trip. Proper?


As a result of the motorbike storage gods are bored.
So that straightforward little motorbike upkeep process is about to take longer than you can ever consider.

And for those who suppose I’m speaking loopy, bear with me for a second.
What different clarification might there be for these widespread storage situations?

  1. Dude, The place’s My Screwdriver?

Earlier than you locked your storage final evening, Gogoro 2配件 you left the suitable screwdriver out on the bench prepared to make use of.


However by the morning, there’s completely no signal of it.
The place did it go?

There are actually solely 2 prospects right here.

  • Somebody has damaged into your motorbike shed, left the bike untouched, however hidden your screwdriver.


  • The motorbike storage gods have come out to play.

They’ve reached in from their dimension and moved the rattling screwdriver. They didn’t even have to open the storage door.

Makes good sense, doesn’t it?
In any other case, how did it transfer by itself?

  1. One Million Washers are Not Sufficient.

You already know your motorbike elements.
You already know there’s a fantastic artwork to attaching them to your bike so that they’re on good.

So naturally you’ve gotten containers and containers of bolts, lock nuts, screws, socket head screws, torx screws, grub screws, acorn headed screws and grommets.

After which there’s your spectacular assortment of washers…


You could have flat washers, star washers, spring washers, copper washers, tab washers, wave washers and thrust washers. New washers, outdated ones, shiny ones, rusty ones that’ve been mendacity there for many years.

Realistically, for those who counted these particular person objects they’d in all probability quantity within the six figures.

However do you’ve gotten the one washer you want proper now, for this apparently easy little motorbike upkeep job?

In fact you don’t.

And you understand why?

The motorbike storage gods have it.
They knew you’d be needing it.
So that they’ve made certain it’s not there.

Naturally, you’ll spend the remainder of the afternoon ransacking the storage in search of that one particular washer.

However cease for a second, and hear intently.
You’ll be able to virtually really hear the faint sound of guffawing.

  1. A Blood Sacrifice is Required.

When reassembling a part of your bike, you love to do it proper.

So you’ve gotten all of the contact factors completely cleaned. Your new half is pristine, and smeared with simply the correct amount of Locktite.

You’re holding every little thing along with one hand, and all you could do is twist that first well-greased nut into place.

Neglect it!

The nut will slip out of your hand and roll away.
Or the remainder of the meeting will out of the blue give manner, and scatter – crash! – all throughout the storage ground.

Every a kind of fastidiously greased little motorbike elements at the moment are lined in filth.

This isn’t you being clumsy.

It occurs as a result of the motorbike storage gods want a sacrifice earlier than they’ll allow you to get on with the job at hand.

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