MICHAEL CAMMARATA – How He Made His First Million as A Teen

Michael Cammarata Co-founder and CEO of one of the fastest growing wellness brands, Schmidt’s Naturals and founder of venture capital and private equity firm, Random Occurrence. When Michael joined Schmidt’s with an infusion of strategy, expertise in retail and relationships, the brand was positioned for rapid growth and became a national retail sensation, ultimately leading to its acquisition by Unilever in 2017. As CEO, Michael continues to integrate innovations and grow the brand globally.

Michael Cammarata credit his success story today to the approach adopted early on in his career. He values new ideas and different ways of looking at problems and forming solutions. Having suffered Dyslexia as a child and it made it very difficult for him to learn in the traditional school system. This has ultimately shaped his founder’s mentality and approach to problem-solving. When he was in his teens, He introduced to the world of gaming and became obsessed with StarCraft.

This gaming allowed him developed strategy, make business connections, and influenced his career path into software and programming and eventually becoming an entrepreneur and investor. Michael got his start in web hosting, online advertising and generated $85M revenue by my mid-twenties. That’s when he discovered his passion for investing and growing companies to their highest potential — there’s no greater feeling in helping other entrepreneurs take the next steps toward success.

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