7 Reasons To Do Community Services Course Online: How Community Service Can Help You Achieve Success And Happiness

We all know that doing community service is a good thing, but do you know why? And it’s not just that you’re helping the less privileged or the environment: there are some tangible real benefits of helping others. This article analyzes 7 of them.

  1. Karma

“What goes around, goes around”, “The Boomerang effect”, “Karma”: whatever you want to call it, there is growing evidence that when you do good things, good things happen to you. The Law of Attraction explains how to attract good by doing good and maintaining the flow of good positive energy.

But more logically, if you are doing good things for your community, then you are focusing on positive attributes of yourself and others, and this has real consequences in the form of a positive outlook for the rest of your life.

  1. Perspective and passion

I learned from personal experience, when you help a young family to unite their lives after losing everything in a cyclone, you begin to understand what really matters. Community service of all kinds gives you this fundamental perspective.

But from that fundamental perspective comes passion. Passion to help others in the same situation and passion to protect their family and community from the same. And passion is such a wonderful and motivating force: you can achieve anything with passion!

  1. Networks

Voluntary organizations attract people from a wide range of backgrounds and professions: students, unemployed, retired people, merchants, professionals and business executives, so volunteer organizations provide you with a fantastic opportunity to establish contacts!

And you never know what opportunities you will find with this new network of contacts. We managed to renovate our house for half the cost through the contacts we have met in our community work! Not to mention, that’s where I met my lovely partner!


  1. Understand people

Inevitably, community work involves working with other people, whether they are other community workers or the people you are helping. Therefore, the ability to communicate and understand these people is paramount to their own sanity and, of course, their effectiveness.

And because people in volunteer organizations come from diverse backgrounds, you can develop communication skills with a wide range of personalities. You can’t afford emotional intelligence training like this!

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